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Cass. That's not my real name. I write and love.Multi-fandom; mainly TVD, TW, FAIRY TAIL, SNSD, f(x), EXO(OT11).




I am fairly convinced that Red Pandas are not real.



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sehun’s motto in life, make °ヘ° face, wherever whenever

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Our two bedroom story is probably the only voltage app that might get me to buy all the guys routes. seriously, they’re all so ridiculously good looking.

but Yamato Kougami is still my baby bye.

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I need a kitten and a bib right now


I need a kitten and a bib right now

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Fairy Tail ZERO Characters

That day, the wheels of fate began to turn. This is the prelude to the birth of Fairy Tail.

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Still can’t believe I bought their stories. I’m not one to buy games on the App Store but I did wow.
And is it me or do they have an uncanny resemblance? Looks and personality wise (I wish I could say the same for clothes since Yamato is stripping haha)
Don’t the two wear suits? Wow.

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After being relieved that she wasn’t crying out of sadness, Kakeru made her cry a different way that night. (Ohohoho)

Awww cuteness!

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